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About Me

cgm counseling is me, Christopher Marquardt!


I hope to work with clients seeking to make earnest changes in their lives. My therapeutic style focuses on you, helping you to complete intense personal work. It's my hope that we forge a close personal connection, as our connection to one another can be therapeutic in its own right. This intimate collaboration with you will help you gain deeper understanding of your life. The hope is - through our work - that you'll delve into the emotions, thoughts, patterns and behaviors of your life to, ultimately, help you increase your livelihood.  I continually utilize the lenses of trust, compassion and safety.


I consider my life a journey and seek to share the insight I've gained to help clients live better lives. I have meditated on a daily basis for much of the past ten years, and this is likely to inform our work together. 

I hold a master’s degree from Portland State University (CACREP accredited) in the area of Clinical Mental Health.  I also have a master’s degree in Special Education and have taught a wide range of students for more than fourteen years.  Additionally, I taught in the public schools for over ten years; and have experience with clients navigating significant difficulties and obstacles. I fulfilled my graduate internship with individuals coming out of the federal prison system. I also have experience working with couples and enjoy this work immensely. 


I've lived abroad as a Peace Corps volunteer; my  training and experience overseas has increased my interest to work with clients from diverse backgrounds. I'm culturally humble.


Which type of clients typically choose to contact me?

  • Those feeling isolated in today's technological society. 

  • Couples seeking some support managing their relationship.

  • Those considering a change in their career, lifestyle or geography.

  • People curious about the impact of their level of substance use. 

  • Creatives curious how to make meaning and the most out of their talents. 

  • People bothered by social connections or difficult people in their lives. 

  • Parents negotiating how to remain loving while setting boundaries. 

  • Those seeking a deeper spiritual connection. 

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